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Extract from: "Matera. The city of the Sassi"

The Forward-thinking Design Studio of Patrizia Capriotti is an “invisible city” in the heart of Matera, suspended between Via delle Beccherie and the stone waterfall of Sasso Barisano. It is a multifaceted space, where ideas circulate and creativity is inspired by “Leonia” one of Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities. It is the city that re-builds itself every day on top of it’s garbage and whose citizens, regardless of the fate of their garbage, create mountains of it, by which they are then overwhelmed; from this arises the reflection on recuperating materials. It os the lietmotif of her project, along with self-production. Reuse, redesign, reproduction is the common denominator in the contamination of inventiveness. Patrizia Capriotti is the body and soul of this idea and this place, she is an architect, designer and interior decorator specializing in preservation and restoration. Her philosophy of life goes in an obstinate and contrary direction to “conspicuouse consumption”, it is a form of expression in the bags she creates. Bags of paper, cloth, upholstery fabrics and leather, whose trademark is the transformation of materials that tell stories, news reports, crime, gossip columns (pages of newspapers) and of lives lived.

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